Stephanie Rush – CPFT

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Stephanie Rush

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



stephStephanie is not only an accomplished and sought after certified personal fitness trainer, she is also a WBFF pro, glamour, fashion and fitness model and lifestyle coach.  Through her years of experience in all areas of fitness Stephanie has developed a unique approach to guiding others to reach their dreams and exceeding their highest expectations of themselves.  A unique mix of compassion and relentless drive combined with boundless optimism and real world knowledge makes Stephanie one of a kind in the fitness industry.  Nutritional expertise to help 1471830_10205004580822446_4322421171359553399_ncreate the foundation for a fit and healthy lifestyle is where it begins.  Guiding you through the maze of fact vs fiction Stephanie will help you to take the first step in a journey to the new you.  With her real world experience and education, training for whatever your specific goals may be is possible under Stephanies guidance.   Whether you are just getting started, picking up a program after taking a break or trying to take your workouts to reach a superior level of fitness and athleticism Stephanie has proven time and again she is more than capable of meeting your needs.   Unrelenting passion for what she does mixed with her exception skills and success in all areas of fitness, this is Stephanie Rush and why she should be your first choice when considering making a real change in your life.


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