3 Easy Tips to Start Losing Weight Today!

Dr. DelRae Detox

3 Easy Tips to Start Losing Weight Today!

After working with thousands of clients, I realize one of the most common struggles people have with healthy nutrition and weight loss is eating more frequently throughout the day.  Skipping breakfast or only eating 1-2 times per day can lead to fatigue, sugar or salt cravings, and over-eating (especially at night).  Set yourself up for success by following my top 3 tips for healthy weight loss.

1.  Eat breakfast

Research shows consuming a high quality protein shake first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism by 25%!  My Fit Shake not only has the highest quality protein on the market, it has 6.1 grams of branched chain amino acids, 200mg of antioxidants and a full b-vitamin complex.  It’s gluten-free, soy-free, has NO artificial sweeteners, fillers or preservatives.  And, it tastes like a vanilla milkshake!

2.  Stop thinking of eating “meals” as sit-down,

large-portion, energy-draining events! 

Instead, start thinking of food in terms of small-plates, small-portions, whole food, energy-DRIVNG fuel for your body!

3. Perfect pairing

Let’s be honest – it would be nearly impossible to never eat a carb again for the rest of your life.  Instead, learn to eat the right type of carbs at the right time of day to leave you feeling satisfied, full of energy, and burning fat for fuel so you can finally maintain your weight loss results for a lifetime (find my perfect pairing meal planner in my Dr. DelRae Detox manual that comes with my Detox & Weight Loss System).

Want a quick, easy, and SUPER tasty breakfast full of protein, calcium, vitamin d and e, and fiber?!

Try this… and your kids will love it!!


Flavored yogurts are typically high in sugar and carbohydrates.  Greek Yogurt is a higher-protein, lower-carbohydrate option. Greek yogurt is made in the same way as typical American style yogurts, but the whey is then drained off of the yogurt. The end product is thicker and creamier, as well as higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates.

In a bowl, pour one single serving size greek yogurt.  I like Stonyfield Organic Greek.  Flavored greek yogurts still contain a significant amount of sugar, so buy plain and add a little bit of raw honey.  My Fit Shake Powder will add a nice sweet flavor to it as well!

Next, add 1/2 scoop Fit Shake Powder.   It contains 6.1 grams branched chain  amino acids to fuel your muscle and get your body to burn fat!  (And contains a full B Vitamin complex to leave you feeling energized).  The natural vanilla flavor is amazing and because it is sweetened naturally with Stevia, it is gluten and wheat-free and contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

 Next, sprinkle on this INCREDIBLE granola.  It is low in sugar, gluten and wheat-free, and full of fiber.  Feel free to top with berries of your choice (adding a few mint leaves tastes sooooo good!)  Enjoy!

Protein Breakfast Parfait

1 single serving plain greek yogurt

1 tsp raw honey

1/2 scoop Fit Shake Powder

1/2 cup Bakery on Main Granola

1/4 cup berries/mint leaves to taste

Cellular Detox for Weight Loss and Overall Health !

Shirley:Hi Dr. DelRae, 

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?  I’m finding I don’t eat often enough and am starving at night when it’s dinnertime.

Dr. DelRae:

Hi Shirley!

I love my homemade protein bars and energy balls. They are so easy to make and taste great.  A couple of my other favorite snacks are

  1. Walnuts and apple
  2. Veggies and my homemade ranch dip
  3. Turkey, raw cheese, and nut thin stackers
  4. Greek Quinoa Salad


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